What is a good candidate experience?


As hard as we try, we know that unfortunately not every candidate is going to have the perfect experience when they use a recruitment agency. We can’t place every single one of you, as much as we would love to be able to! What we can do though, is our utmost to keep your experience with us here at MVP Supply Chain Recruitment as positive and productive as possible.

One of the ways we do this is by making sure that every single application we receive gets a response – you might think that these are automated but I can assure you each and every email you receive is personally from one of our consulting team in the office. We know the importance of this, and want to make sure that we try our best to spend as much time with all of our customers as is relevant and required. Just being ‘okay’ is not good enough, we haven’t stayed in business for over thirty years by being ‘okay’ – we hear frequently from all of customers on both sides of the recruitment process that one of the reasons they return to us is our communication and the fact that they know they will be speaking to the same person again, and we pride ourselves on this feedback.

We try to make the experience for you our customers as easy as possible, by working hard to make ourselves as visible as possible all over the internet and social media. By putting our jobs and contact information where you are, we hope to make sure that if you have any need to be in touch with us then you know exactly who to phone, message or tweet!

We keep an eye on the usage of our website, and know that from the homepage over half of you click directly to the job search feature – this is great and tells us that it is easily visible and accessible for you. We use a large variety of the online job boards as well as all of our social media accounts to ensure high visibility of all of our vacancies too, and give you the jobseeker as many options as possible to apply for what could be your next career step.

Once you have got in touch with us, our consultants will always be upfront with you about the application / interview process and any timescales that we are aware of; we don’t like to be kept waiting for feedback any more than you do so as soon as we have any news that you can be sure that it will be passed on. If you are attending interview then we will make sure that you know who you are meeting and where, and will always try to pass on any relevant company or role information to give you the best chance to acquaint yourself as well as possible for your meeting. Following the interview, we want to know what you thought – and will push to get feedback from the company for you as soon as possible too. Even if it is bad news, we want to make sure that everyone who has been to interview for example gets the most constructive feedback possible because we believe it is only fair!

We like to make sure that the whole process is completely transparent, we will always welcome feedback from all of our customers. If you have any potential improvements to the service provided, or if you just want to share a thank you, then please do let us know.

If we can help you at all with your job search then please do get in touch with one of our team of expert consultants, safe in the knowledge that you will be dealing with an experienced professional who really is looking out for you at all times in the process and beyond. 

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