Running Late?


Oh dear, you’re running late for work… did your alarm not go off or did you just forget to read our article on the importance of punctuality? You are likely to feel now that you have set off an unfortunate sequence of events over which you have no control, but that will all take ten times longer than if you had just got up on time in the first place!

How many of these sound familiar…

  • Your duvet is definitely trying to trip you up – has it suddenly grown? Where is the edge, why is it trying to fight you!?
  • Why is the shower taking so long to warm up?! Where did I put that shampoo, why does it have to take so long to try and be clean – no one would notice if I didn’t shower this morning would they?
  • Today of all days I do not have time for nothing to look right on me! Are these tights black or brown? Why does nothing fit!
  • Or even when you lay out your outfit the night before and it mysteriously vanishes whilst you’re asleep – why is there only one shoe?!
  • Bad hair day. What else is there to say, you are stuck with a quiff at the front and there is no time to stop the sides from going all ‘flicky’.
  • What did you just knock over? Rushing around trying to do a billion things at once and you definitely heard a crash… you will have to deal with it later, no time!
  • Argh, now where did I put the keys?! Why don’t I leave in the same place every day (or if you do – who on earth moved them!?)
  • Phew, finally on the go, but wait… I knew I’d forgotten something my laptop is still by the front door, back I go!
  • Traffic congestion / public transport delays. Why me. Just drive already, or pick up the leaves that are on the track! I have to be somewhere, why does no one understand this!
  • Breakfast en route, never a good idea… will you get crumbs in your car or slop the coffee all down yourself? Please no…
  • Made it! Looking rather less than glamorous already, and yes someone has to comment don’t they. Yes, ‘good afternoon’ to you too…
  • I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise…

Not the best way to start the day as I’m sure you can appreciate, and perhaps a symptom of a bigger problem? Is this a side-effect of Mondayitis, or are you trying to avoid getting into work every day? If you find that the mornings are very often a rush for you then it is worth taking a step back and thinking about why. Do you really want to go to work, and if not is it because you don’t like your job? We have discussed the importance of punctuality here along with some of the reasons why you might find yourself to be frequently late, and would reiterate that if you don’t find your job motivating or satisfying anymore it may be time to look for a new one!

You can see our latest vacancies here, or send your CV through and get in touch with our team to see if we can help you become more motivated to get out of bed and to work in the morning, therefore avoiding the stressful start we go through above.

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