On International Women's Day 2018


March 8th marks 'International Women’s Day' - a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Here at MVP, we are proud to work with the organisation Women in Logistics UK (WIL) who in partnership with CILT, are committed to supporting the careers of women working in the logistics industry - with an aim to help attract, retain and support women and create a more inclusive and diverse, gender-equal industry. 

As a recruitment business working in the Logistics field; we ourselves are well represented, with our senior consultant team comprising of successful women with over 30 years’ experience combined. The importance of women working in warehousing, transport and logistics is still unfortunately underrated however, and we see in many areas, largely unrepresented.  We firmly support the work that WIL does to encourage women currently working in the industry to progress their careers, as well as appeal to those looking for career opportunities, to consider it. 

Whilst still a largely male orientated environment, the industry is lively, varied and challenging and also offers huge opportunities for women to tailor their career to suit their lifestyle choices. It would be great to see a growth in the numbers of female talent entering the logistics workforce in the coming year, and the work that WIL do will hopefully help contribute to this. 

We handle a wide variety of roles; from Customer Service Administrators and Stock Clerks, Warehouse Managers and Transport Managers, Operations Directors and Engineering Technicians to HR Managers - to name just a few. There are lots of exciting prospects for anyone considering moving into this sector and we welcome those with any questions or in need of career advice to get in touch!.  

Happy International Women’s Day to all of our female friends and colleagues! 


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