Third Party Logistics

Logistics is the backbone of the economy, providing the efficient, cost-effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend.  More than 60% of logistics activity within the UK is carried out by the Third Party Logistics sector (or 3PL as it’s often referred to), businesses within the sector providing outsourced logistics services for part, or all, of a company’s supply chain management function.  3PL providers typically specialize in integrated operations, warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and tailored to customers’ needs.  

3PL providers can broadly be divided into the following sectors:

  • Traditional 3PL – warehousing, transport, freight forwarding, pick/pack, cross-dock
  • Pallet Networks
  • Home Delivery & Parcel Networks
  • Express Couriers
  • 4PL (or LLP) – “asset-less logistics provision”

The 3PL sector is a dynamic one, often leading the way with innovation in practices and technology, and driving greater sustainability within the logistics marketplace.  

Currently, one in 12 of the working population is employed within the logistics sector and there are huge opportunities available for career development.  MVP works with some of the best 3PL companies in the sector, recruiting key positions within their businesses.

Lisa Starkey heads up the 3PL division for MVP, employing her thorough knowledge of the sector to recruit positions at all levels, from graduate/support through to board level roles.

Whether you’re looking for your next career move, or are wanting to recruit top talent into your logistics business, you can contact Lisa on 01905 773370 or at


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