CV Advice

At MVP Supply Chain Recruitment we are always on hand to help our candidates. First step; you need a strong CV!

Here are our top ten CV writing tips:

  1. Keep personal details brief and essential; remember your date of birth is no longer required.
  2. Consider a brief introduction to your skills and specialisms.
  3. Show details of education and qualifications. Also include vocational qualifications and memberships of professional bodies.
  4. Keep your Career History in chronological order, starting with your most recent job, and include your reason for leaving where appropriate. This should be factual and demonstrate your progression and contribution, quantify your achievements objectively.
  5. A hobbies and interests section is optional, but it can provide a talking point at interview.
  6. Ensure you have approached your referees before listing their details, and if you prefer to make references available on request, just put that.
  7. Make sure that your CV is of a good length, long enough to do yourself justice but without waffling. Ensure that it includes your key selling points.
  8. Spell check!
  9. Include a covering letter –  this is your chance to say you meet the requirements of a specific vacancy.
  10. Remember that there is no magic formula to a CV, but it is your sales document and must represent you well. At some point your CV will have a significant impact on your career prospects, so make sure you are prepared.


Once you have your CV nailed, the next stage is Interview Technique - have a look at our advice page, which covers Preparation, Technique and Follow-up. Please register your CV now.



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